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Before we invented the first artificial ice rink with indirectly cooled EPDM mats in 1981, skating rinks were constructed with ammonia filled pipes under a concrete screed for decades. Thus, after nearly 80 years, our invention was the first groundbreaking innovation, which has changed the entire ice rink industry to the present day. This was followed by thousands of ice rink installations worldwide, which allowed ice sports such as ice hockey, curling, figure skating, ice stock (bavarian curling) and speed skating to be brought “right on the doorstep” of many people.


Nevertheless, a few years later we were once again the pioneer of an entire industry. With the invention of the ICEGRID® high-performance artificial ice rink we were even able to combine the advantages of conventional ammonia cooling with those of the indirectly cooled EPDM system.


But not only that: soon after our ICEGRID® has proven its worth, we also demonstrated its special multifunctionality. In addition to an ICEGRID® ice hockey surface, we also installed an ICEGRID® system including MULTICOURT® Upgrade for the National Sports Center in Huttwil / Switzerland. Thus the customer had a highly efficient ice surface during winter and a multifunctional sports surface in summer without any conversion.

The artificial ice rink system

ICEGRID® artificial ice rink cross section
ICEGRID® Classic & ICEGRID® Plus+ fluid channels

Our patented ICEGRID® artificial ice rink consists of the following components:


  • ICEGRID® fluid channels with corrugated surface for highest energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Unique honeycomb web elements which generate many small cryo cells for optimal freezing and provide protection against mechanical damage at the same time
  • Separate collector pipes with special shut-off valves to vary the ice rink size at any time

✔ Quality „Made in Germany“

Installation of our artificial ice rink


Optionally, we also offer a specially developed MULTICOURT® upgrade for our ICEGRID® ice rink system. Depending on the choice, an artificial turf or multi-purpose floor is integrated into the rink.


Thus the ICEGRID® turns into a multifunctional sports surface, which can also be used during summer and there is no conversion necessary between the periods of use!

The advantages of our artificial ice rink

  • With the specifically corrugated surface of our fluid channels we provide an app. 320% larger surface compared to smooth pipes and therefore the best possible energy exchange
  • Permanent turbulences within the liquid flow provide maximal temperature efficiency
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • The fastest possible temperature changes within the ice track guarantee rapid and energy-efficient action with alternating ice sports
  • Intelligent connections make tools unnecessary
  • The flexibility of the fluid channels allows to adopt almost any desired geometric form
  • The white fluid channels and honeycomb web elements of the ICEGRID® classic considerably reduce the costly use of “JetIce” for colouring the ice sheet
  • The unique honeycomb web elements create a surface holding a 30t truck, which provides maximal protection against mechanical damage for the fluid channels
  • The structure of the honeycomb web elements generate many small cryo cells which provide optimal freezing
  • Flexible regulation of the ice sheet size by shut-off valves at each cooling circuit
  • With our MULTICOURT® upgrade we can transform the ice rink into a multifunctional sports area which allows summer use without reconstruction work
  • The collector pipes can be installed cost-effectively on the short side of the ice surface
  • For special rinks the collector pipes can also be frozen into the ice surface by using the butterfly-system, which can avoid extensive structural measures and considerable costs
  • Our ICEGRID® rink system is a perfect “all-rounder” and ensures optimal conditions for all ice sports such as hockey, curling, figure skating, short track or speed skating


…and many more!
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