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ICE HOCKEY DASHER BOARDS for sale and for hire

With many years of experience in the ice rink and sports facility industry, we are the partner of choice for finding the appropriate dasher board system. Whether for hire or for sale, whether mobile or fixed. You will surely get the perfect “frame” for your rink adapted to our ice rink systems, but of course also suitable for every other manufacturer.
As the first provider, we have even obtained a TÜV certification for our mobile dasher board system. After all, the safety and comfort of our customers are our number one priority. Furthermore, we were also able to significantly increase the marketing potential of advertisement space by using advertising slots on both sides of our dasher boards.
With us, you can choose between very different types of boards for every application. From wooden dasher boards or TÜV-certified aluminum PE boards to professional IIHF-certified and flexible ice hockey boards for league games, championships and olympics.
Together we will find the product which fully suits your needs!

FLEX dasher board
  • FLEX is a very safe and flexible dasher board solution which requires no vertical supports for arena shields
  • The collision properties have been simulated using advanced computer calculation methods
  • The flexible profile-based frame has proved to be an excellent choice in multi-purpose arena, where it has already been used successfully for several years
SUPERFLEX dasher board
  • Our SUPEFLEX dasher board provides maximum safety and flexibility with arena shields supported by transparent vertical composite beams for premium stadiums
  • Flexibility increases symmetrically when moving upwards, producing a uniform, high-safety dasher board structure with integrated side and end shield supports
  • The support beams are mounted through the railing, encasing the beams inside the boards and forming a uniform, highly flexible arena shield structure
  • The ledge between board top and the inner surface of the arena shield is narrow and safe
  • As the arena shields are supported by the beams, the shields can be made of more flexible and lighter materials than by using a fully unsupported board structure
LED dasher board
  • Our LED dasher board helps you take your matches onto an entirely new level
  • Light effects integrated to the audience shield can be used to create a unique atmosphere and highlight key moments of the match
  • The light effect surface is integrated into the support structures of the arena shields and is visible both from the inside and the outside of the rink
  • Every individual pixel of the LED system can be controlled separately and they can be used to produce multi-colour light effects, or the media surface can be used for playback of digital and analogue video images
ALLROUND dasher board
  • The ALLROUND is a dasher board with a symmetrically flexible profile-based frame and high-safety side and end shields supported by aluminium or transparent composite beams
  • It is a complete lightweight, durable and flexible dasher board solution which is ideal for new or renovated ice arenas of all types and easy to install, dismantle and maintain
  • Thanks to its highly versatile support structure options, the dasher board can be adapted to almost all needs
  • The support structure is designed on a case-by-case basis depending on the arena and the necessary anchoring method
ICERACK® dasher board


  • Our TÜV-certified ICERACK® dasher board system is a mobile board with a frame made of aluminum
  • Equipped with a PE and PC panelling
  • The dasher board is available in different heights and panellings
  • All components, including panelling, kick strip and handrail are interchangeable
  • Double-sided advertising slots on request


SIMPLEX dasher board


  • Our SIMPLEX dasher board system is a mobile board with a hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Equipped with a larch wood panelling
  • A great beginner’s solution for a small budget


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