FREECALL (D / Germany): 0800 / ISSHELP (0800/4774357)

Many companies have a history and some have even written history, but you will not find any other company that has influenced the history of the international ice rink and solar absorber technology as much as we have.


As a pioneer and creator of ice rink and solar absorber systems, we offer their planning and construction as well as their renovation and maintenance worldwide.


Above all, our ice rink systems impress with their versatility and therefore they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it is turn-key ice stadiums for ice hockey or curling, or mobile ice rinks for outdoor ice hockey, ice shows or even film sets. We are also continuously promoting the introduction of new, safe and energy-efficient products, which are almost completely planned and constructed in Germany.


As a reliable and authentic family business in the second generation we have always pursued a simple goal with our work: ice, sports and solar systems to the highest standards for as many people as possible – an ordinary intention, but we are passionate about it … and we think, not without pride, that this is something we are very good at!

“Our drive is not to be the greatest – we only want to stay the best in what we do.”

Said Hakim | CEO

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