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  • 1976


    Company patriarch and entrepreneur Kaveh Hakim-Elahi quits his engineering job at Siemens and dedicates his professional career to his great passion – the new and unknown Solar Absorber Technology.

  • 1979


    Kaveh Hakim-Elahi receives the honorary award of the Republic of Austria as well as the Great Gold Medal of the Austrian Patent Owner and Inventor Association for his “solar collector for swimming pool heating”.

  • 1981


    Worldwide first-time icing of an absorber by engineer Kaveh Hakim-Elahi within the scope of an experimental project of the Austrian Research Promotion Fund with his patented “Double Absorber System”.

  • 1982


    Sale of the world’s first EPDM ice rink with the patented double absorber system. The facility heated a communal swimming pool during summer, while the same absorb

  • 1986


    Sale of the first EPDM ice rink system adapted for mobile use and thus the start of the “modern mobile ice rink world” according to today’s standard.

  • 1989


    First-time rental of one of our EPDM ice rinks and birthday of our mobile ICERACK® ice rink system.

  • 1998


    The ICEGRID® ice rink system, invented by our current CEO, Said Hakim, is awarded with the “Best New Product” Award by the International Leisure Industry in Birmingham (UK)

  • 1998


    From the beginning on our ICEGRID® system with the MULTICOURT upgrade proves its multifunctionality when we equipped the outdoor ice surface in Huttwil / Switzerland with an artificial grass upgrade, which allows the area to be used as a football field during summer.

  • 1999


    The only long-term absorber comparison test from the “Institut für Solarenergieforschung (ISFH) chooses our MITRA solar absorber with an efficiency of 91.8% as test winner.

  • 2003


    For the Hollywood blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” we freeze a mountain lake at the Pinewood Studios London / UK.

  • 2004


    With an ice surface of almost 7,000 m², we build the largest mobile indoor ice rink in the world in Hamburg / Germany for “Hamburg on-ice”.

  • 2006


    On the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games in Turin / Italy, we install a mobile ice surface for the Russian Olympic team.

  • 2008


    As the only ice rink and boards system to date, our ICERACK® receives a TÜV-certification for safety and quality at the highest level

  • 2011


    The launch of the online shop for our SUNSHINE-ECO® corrugated solar absorber made of co-polymer is a great success and since then, we regularly install numerous small and large municipal solar plants with this system.

  • 2011


    New national spectator record with 17,140 spectators on our ICERACK® ice rink during the first Ice Hockey Winter Classic Outdoor Game in Pardubice / Czech Republic.

  • 2012


    The AIR40 Air Handlers, which we have developed and produced in large numbers become a bestseller and are used internationally for 1st class events.

  • 2013


    Further development of our ICEGRID® high-performance ice rink system to “ICEGRID® Plus +” with stainless steel fluid ducts for even higher efficiency.

  • 2014


    The WCF (World Curling Association) hosts a World Curling Championship for the first time on an ICEGRID® ice surface in Dumfries / Scotland.

  • 2014


    An Ice Hockey World Championship will be organized by the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) for the first time on one of our permanently installed ICEGRID® ice rinks in the Ice Bowl / Great Britain.

  • 2016


    The World Men’s Curling Championship takes place for the first time on a mobile hybrid ICEGRID® & ICERACK® ice surface in the St. Jakobshalle in Basel / Switzerland.

  • 2016


    At the 1st European Outdoor Ice Hockey Open Air Summer Game, the world’s hottest professional ice hockey game of all times with + 32°C, we didn´t only show the 30,000 spectators but to everyone that we still set the standards in the ice rink industry and do not run after them.