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ARTIFICIAL TURF for ice rink systems, hockey, tennis, soccer and more…

Our high-quality artificial turf products are used worldwide for various sports applications. Whether for hockey, tennis, soccer or as a multifunctional sports field.

In addition to artificial grass systems for sports, we also offer synthetic turf landscapes for the garden, balcony, terrace or roof greening.

Together with our long-standing partner, we find the right product for nearly every application. Moreover, we offer an internationally accredited and certified production and installation.

Artificial turf for ice rinks

With an artificial turf upgrade for our patented ICEGRID® artificial ice rink you literally have the “jack of all trades device”.


In winter ice rink and in summer multifunctional artificial grass for tennis, volleyball, soccer and much more.


There is no conversion neccessary between summer and winter use.

Artificial turf for hockey

Artificial turf is the standard subfloor for hockey games and all clubs in the world’s leading hockey-playing countries have one or more artificial lawns.


Without artificial grass, hockey would probably not have developed into such a high-powered sport, because on this extremely reliable and hard-wearing ground it can be played much faster and more accurately.


So a good artificial turf brings only the best out of hockey. This fact has even affected the sport so much that some specialists speak of a “revolution”.

Artificial turf for tennis

Tennis is a sport full of traditions which have been upheld for many years. Like playing on real grass.


Nevertheless, tennisclubs must also keep up with the times and are therefore more and more often opting for a synthetic lawn, especially because of the much lower costs and ease of maintenance.


In addition, artificial grass tennis courts can be played both in winter and in summer and the open-air season can even be extended by the optimal dewatering properties, which is particularly useful for clubs with a full schedule.

Artificial turf for soccer

Even though many still give priority to natural lawn in soccer, artificial grass has gained more and more sympathy in the last few years with increasing quality.


Meanwhile, there are already several leagues in Europe which use artificial turf not only for training, but also for regular league games.


The advantages are obvious: artificial turf is easy to maintain, weatherproof and reduces the risk of injury due to the better suspension. It is also extensively usable.


Moreover, the introduction of artificial grass has made soccer much faster.

Artificial turf for landscapes

For more and more people, a “green” environment is essential to unwind and to enjoy life.


With our products you can also place the beautiful green where it is not possible in a natural way.


So the dream of an easy-to-care turf or an evergreen roof terrace quickly becomes reality.


We offer a wide range of solutions ranging from the playground turf, roof greening to areas in public space.

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