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Summer Game 2016

With temperatures above 30°C, the opening game of the German Ice Hockey League 2016 was the world’s hottest professional ice hockey game ever – and it was derby time! Löwen Frankfurt against the Kassel Huskies, the north against the south of Hessen. For decades, things are getting lively when the two rivals and former DEL champions clash. Since the Hessen derbys have always been the salt in the soup of every ice hockey season. Thus there were also goals, fights and great emotions in the Commerzbank Arena. Not only the 30,000 spectators, but also players and officials were enthusiastic about the ice quality of our mobile ICERACK® ice rink despite the most adverse conditions.

Ice Stadium Pavlodar

In Kazakhstan, the main challenge was to defy temperatures of up to -40°C in winter and +45°C in summer. However, with a free-cooling system we have also found the right recipe for these adverse conditions. During winter the system runs completely without compressors, which significantly reduces energy costs and extends the service life by the same factor. In addition to the refrigeration technology, the ICEGRID® high-performance artificial ice rink and the dasher boards, we also supplied all accessories such as ice resurfacer, arena seating, rubber mats, ice skates and much more.

Warner Brothers

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is the Hollywood blockbuster adaptation of the same-named best-seller novel by the English author Joanne K. Rowling from the year 2004. Toward the end of the film, Harry and Hermione run to a frozen lake, which is realised by our mobile ICERACK® ice rink system at London’s Pinewood Studios. We even managed to freeze the lake in organic form including the island at exactly the same level as the previously discharged water.

Multifunctional Artificial Ice Rink

In Oberwiesenthal you can enjoy winter as well as summer at our ICEGRID® artificial rink including MULTICOURT upgrade with artificial turf. In winter ice rink and in summer soccer, volleyball and leisure area. Neither human resources nor work-intensive modification is necessary between the periods of usage!

Stefan Raab

Since 2004 we have been able to install over 20 ice rinks and ice landscapes for Stefan Raab and his Brainpool TV production team. Among other things we provided a “cool” highlight at the TV-TOTAL Silvestergala, the WOK-WM, Schlag den Raab, Schlag den Star and celebrity curling. Whether it was ice-skating, ice-climbing or riding on a WOK in an ice-canal – we took pleasure in every challenge and successfully mastered them together every time.

MyMall Limassol

Finding refreshment at over 45°C on a round and “nibbled” ice surface!? In Limassol this is not a dream but reality! In the largest shopping center in Cyprus, our ICEGRID® artificial ice rink is an absolute public magnet all year round, and our ICERACK® dasher board specially designed for this radius offers the perfect frame.

Hamburg on Ice

In 2004, the Eon Hanse AG donated the Hanseatics nothing less than the largest mobile indoor ice rink in the world with almost 7,000 m² of ice. The winter landscape consisted of nine tents and ICERACK® ice surfaces, which were connected from tent to tent by ice funtracks. Norbert Schramm provided professional ice skating within the “Theater Zelt” with his ice show “Der kleine Tag”. But also spectacular lighting design as well as the various entertainment and gastronomic offers with different theme concepts ensured that a visit for each guest was unforgettable.

Curling WM Basel 2016

After a Curling World Championship was played on an ICEGRID® artificial ice rink for the first time in Dumfries / Scotland in 2014, two years later the challenge was to adapt our ICEGRID® for mobile use. Until then, there was only one World Cup on a mobile ice surface, but unfortunately with considerable problems in terms of ice quality. That is why the World Curling Association did not make it easy to organize a World Championship on a mobile ice surface once again. Worldwide, WCF experts evaluated all available systems for two years. Finally ours was the most convincing and in the end it was a huge success for all parties involved. At the same time, our ice quality even exceeded the expectations of the chief ice maker of the WCF.

Raisa Gorbatschow Foundation

Over the centuries, Hampton Court Palace in London has also experienced a great deal as the seat of Henry VIII. Even our mobile ICERACK® rental ice rink has been available for several weeks in winter. However, what we conjured for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation in the palace garden during summer was rather unusual. The annual galas of the foundation in London are a tribute to the English aristocracy as well as the great Russian billionaire exclave, where the wow effect is obligatory. Therefore, a tent was set up in the garden in which Olympic and world champions presented an ice show for exactly seven minutes to impress the illustrious audience. After the audience was visibly impressed, they already disappeared for champagne and canapés…

Somerset House

Directly at the Thames in London is the Somerset House, which has almost 500 years of tradition as a government building. Among other things as seat of the admiralty and later as house for art and education. Since 1999, its inner courtyard has been transformed into the most famous ice rink in Great Britain. This “Winter Wonderland” in the heart of London is not only an attraction for the rich and beautiful, but also a prominent backdrop for international film and TV productions. This ICEGRID® artificial ice rink is one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

Red Square

The Red Square in Moscow as one of the most famous places in the world, provides a backdrop for skating which cannot be found a second time around the world. However, the use of this almost 3,000 m² ice rink is not limited to the classic public run. We already provided ice rinks for the first “KHL All-Star Game” and the “Red Square Classic” of the Curling Champions Tour. The rink is organized annually from October to March by the department store GUM and is therefore called “GUM-Katok”. This ICEGRID® artificial ice rink also counts as one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

Doncaster Dome

Great Britain’s only ice rink with two-levels is certainly the highlight at the Doncaster Dome Leisure Center in South Yorkshire / England. The coolest thing for the kids is to be able to go over a ramp to the upper rink and downhill over another. You can see on their faces that the “descent” obviously is much more fun than the “ascent”.

Munich Airport Center

At the airport in Munich you cannot just wait for your flight. At least in winter you can also bridge the waiting time while ice skating on the local Christmas market. But in the roofed forum of the Munich Airport Center (MAC) between terminal 1 and 2 one cannot only go for skating but also for curling. The entrance for the whole fun is even free of charge! Great to see how this mobile ICERACK® ice rink has developed over the many common years.


For years, we have been supplying the spectacular ICERACK® rental ice rink for the “Winterzoo” in Hanover. The hard facts on average: 43,500 ice skaters, 24,000 pairs of ice skates, 3,600 skate aids and 5,500 guests playing bavarian curling. However, what can not be seen in these numbers is the laughter and the enthusiasm of the visitors when they are allowed to explore the exciting winterland at the adventure zoo Hanover.

Czech Winter Hockey Games

For one week Brno in the Czech Republic was the mecca of the world-wide hockey winter game fan base. Because our ICERACK® ice hockey rink was not only the home of a winter game, but also several exciting duels and classics such as Kometa Brünn vs. Sparta Prag or Kometa Brünn vs. Skoda Pilsen. Therefore, the new Czech ice hockey audience record with 21,502 spectators was only the logical consequence. We were even able to break the record with 17,140 spectators during the Winter Games in Pardubice which we had held for five years.

Danfoss Universe

The Danfoss Universe recreational park in Nordborg / Denmark is located right next to the Danfoss factory. It is supposed to be an adventure park which is designed to bring children closer to science. The centerpiece of the park is the “Blue Cube” (Iceland’s contribution to the EXPO 2000 in Hanover). Within the cube, we were allowed to install a glacier simulator, which conveys the magic of coldness in a breathtaking way. In addition to all our numerous ice landscapes such as ice climbing towers, ice tunnel, glacier clefts, ice slides and much more, this installation is also a very special highlight for us.

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