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WM Pinguino


Sporting events, ice skating at the Christmas market, in the town square or in front of your family hotel: Mobile ice rinks are the up and coming trend. With the compact WM Pinguino, cleaning and caring for smaller ice surfaces is a breeze: Perfect ice quality, and great fun guaranteed!


Hop on and zoom off! The driver sits up front on the WM Pinguino, just like in a normal car. This makes work operations considerably easier, even for inexperienced users. The frontal seating position guarantees you a clear, all-round view and makes manoeuvring extremely simple. That means enhanced safety for people, vehicle and the venue.

Snow tank volume

1 m³ / compacted 1.25 m³

Water tank volume

340 l

Blade width

1.400 mm

Fields of operation

Mobil / Event


Motor Petrol Kohler CH680, 2 cylinder 674 cm³
Power 16.8 kW / 22.5 HP PS – 3,600 rpm


Motor LPG Kohler CH730 LP, 2 cylinder 725 cm³
Power 6 kW / 21,5 PS – 3.600 rpm
Weight when empty 1,100 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank 340 l
Snow tank 1 m³ – compacted 1.25 m³
Fuel tank 15 l
Transmission Continuously adjustable hydraulic four-wheel drive
Axles Single wheel drive Hydraulic
Steering Hydraulic
Footbrake Hydraulic
Parking brake Mechanical parking brake on rear wheels
Hydraulic system 18 cm3 axial piston pump for drive, 6 cm3 work units + cylinder movements,
4.4 cm³ steering
Diameter of screw conveyors vertically ø 175 mm horizontally ø 170 mm
Tires 5.00R12 83/81P / 2 rows of spikes
Wheel rims 12“ x 5“ with hubcaps
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