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Innovation & Quality

WM ice technics’ new developments have always made people stand up and take notice: The first sloping snow tank, the integrated edger, the automatic mode, the self-driving Mammoth Autopilot. Their courage in innovation has a clear goal. Every time they optimise, they enhance the user-friendliness and efficiency of their machinery and identify the challenges of the future, and give us a solution today.

All-round quality

WM ice technics develop and manufacture ice resurfacing vehicles which meet all requirements in terms of efficient, reliability, durability and user-friendliness. Their series-manufacturing processes and in-house production ensure absolute traceability of every step in production and all components. Every member of their staff has specialised skills, and carries out all work assiduously and conscientiously. They constantly work on optimisations: for their machinery, for their customers and for their employees. And this is how they guarantee us the very best of quality, all-round.

Awareness and sustainability

WM ice technics ice resurfacing vehicles are in use for a long time. And that’s the way it should be. From the design stage onwards, they place great importance on durability, and are mindful of operating and maintenance costs. They pay attention to energy-efficiency, low consumption and high economic efficiency – and never compromise on the outstanding performance of their vehicles. The maintenance-free electric motors in their Electric Models feature outstandingly low pollutant emissions and efficient energy consumption through the innovative Fronius battery charging system.

WM evo²

The powerful resurfacer for large-scale application in ice rinks and stadiums – for ice rinks of over 4,200 m².

WM Mammoth

The high-performance WM ice resurfacer
for stadiums – for ice surfaces of
up to 1,800 m².

WM Shira

The efficient WM ice resurfacer for
stadiums – for ice surfaces
up to 1,800 m².

WM Compact

The compact WM ice resurfacer for smaller ice rinks and large mobile ice rinks – for ice surfaces of up to 1,200 m².

WM Pinguino

The agile WM ice resurfacer for
events and mobile ice rinks of
up to 800 m².

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