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ICE MELTER thermo resurfacer

The easy solution for small ice rinks and bavarian curling tracks!

Many rental ice rink customers and operators of small ice rinks know the related maintenance problems.
With a standard ice resurfacer or even with a small ice resurfacing machine such as the SPORT ICE Electro or the OLYMPIA 250/500 proper ice maintenance is often not possible.
This can have many reasons…
Sometimes the turnig circle is too large and sometimes it is the lack of parking space.
Not to mention the relatively high acquisition costs compared to the ice rink.


  • Low acquisition costs compared to standard ice resurfacing machines
  • Very low operating and service costs
  • No water consumption for ice-conditioning – the top layer is only heated and thawed
  • Easy to use by a person
  • Perfect ice immediately after the ice surface has been freed from the ice abrasion with an “ice scraper”
  • Fits through every 1 m gate element with a maximum width of 983 mm

Technical data

Heating power: app. 200 kW
Gas: Propane gas
Gas supply: Liquid collection (cylinder)
Gas consumption: app. 8-10 kg / h
Ignition: Piezo ignition
Width: 983 mm
Weight: app. 55 kg

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