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ICE COVERING for ice rinks and ice stadiums

With an ice cover every rink can be transformed into a multifunctional arena in a very short period of time. After installation, every ice rink can immediately be used for various events such as fairs or concerts due to the completely isolated surface. With an additional, resilient padding even sports events such as handball or basketball games are possible.

  • The surface of the dark gray plates has an elephant skin-like structure that meets the requirements of the anti-slip class R9
  • The patented waffle back ensures excellent isolation, saving energy costs and preventing the plates to freeze on the ice
  • The ice cover meets the requirements for fire protection class B1 and DIN EN 13501-1 classification C-s1 and can safely be used for all kinds of events
Standard ice cover
  • Range of application: 2-3 events per year
  • Dimensions: 2446 x 1226 x 16 mm
  • Weight: app. 14 kg
Standard Plus+ ice cover
  • Range of application: from 6-7 events per year
  • Dimensions: 2446 x 1226 x 25 mm
  • Weight: app. 24 kg
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