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GRINDING MACHINES for skate sharpening

PROSHARP grinding machines

PROSHARP skate sharpening machines are made in Njurunda, central Sweden. They delivered their first machines in 1984 and 29 years later they are still serving skaters. This has only been possible due to their dedication to quality from components to service and a genuine interest in research and development. At PROSHARP they listen, learn and lead. ProSharp works with skate manufacturers, ergonomy experts, skating instructors and equipment managers as well as players. They want to educate the market and they welcome customers input. Just like every skater, regardless of skill, style or sport, they work hard to improve.

SkatePal® Pro

SkatePal® Pro delivers high precision technology to hockey teams, players, skaters, and business owners serious about performance or the level of service they provide.

AS 1001 Portable

The AS 1001 is a portable high volume precision sharpening machine which produces professional results that skaters trust and demand.

AS 2001 Allpro

The AS 2001 Allpro is technologically the most advanced sharpening machine from PROSHARP. It has earned the reputation of a precision sharpening machine desired by many professional hockey teams and skaters around the world, along with elite pro shops and sport stores.

SSM grinding machines

The skate sharpening machine SSM-2 has its origin in the late 60’s, when it was constructed by Rune Gustavsson. He was approached by representatives of a local ice hockey team unsatisfied with the skate sharpening equipment available on the market by that time. They wanted Gustavsson to develop a brand new design. The rest is history. Their product range has grown over the years and by now they provide a complete solution for sharpening skates. They always strive to make their machines the best ones available. So year after year they modify their current product line to get them near perfection.

SSM-2 / SSM-2 Pro

The SSM-2 is one of the most known skate sharpening machines in the world. It is portable, very durable and easy to use while delivering great precision! With the portable skate sharpening machine SSM-2 you can sharpen both flat and hollow with high precision while preserving the skate blade profile. Thanks to its low weight and the transport case it is perfectly mobile.

  • The SSM TT-3 has a newly developed system for centering the sharpening underneath the skate blade very accurately
  • Just like the SSM-2 this machine will sharpen a skate in under a minute
  • The design with two tables moving without friction on top of shafts (using bearings) gives a simply amazing feeling
  • The new skate holder will manage all skates on the market today (except Paramount SK8S and touring skates), so there is no need to switch between holders
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