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ICE RINK MONITORING via “Eye on the Ice”

“Eye on the Ice” is an all-in-one wireless environmental monitoring system, which is used where monitoring temperature, humidity, and dew point are essential including: Curling, Ice Hockey, Speed Skating, Figure Skating and Bobsleigh.


  • The wireless approach allows sensors to be conveniently and quickly installed in hard to reach locations without the use of wires allowing for fast and low cost installation
  • The user-friendly and customizable software allows for the ice technician to make informed decisions to improve ice conditions and monitor changes from anywhere in the building and even over the Internet
  • The system combines a versatile software installed on the monitoring computer that displays data sent via wireless communication from Remote Measurement Modules to the Collector Module attached to the computer
Ice Rink Monitoring (operating principle)

Software Features

  • Real-time view of sensor data including Drag-n-Drop easy to read icons onto desired location
  • View instant comparisons between current and previous data (i.e. 10 minutes ago, 1 day ago)
  • Zoom-In and Zoom-Out with a simple scroll of a mouse
  • Software will upload snapshots of the geographical view to an ftp server on a periodical basis
  • A variety of images are provided to match venue layouts, and additional layouts can be designed
  • Ability to rotate view 90°, 180°, and 270°
  • Display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Set user-definable alarms and receive warning via email and text message
  • Ability to create an ice temperature, air temperature, humidity, or dew point contoured image map (red represents areas that are warmer and blue represents areas that are cooler)



  • Real-time view of sensor data including: ice and air temperature, brine supply and return temperature, humidity, and dew point
  • Reduced deployment and maintenance costs
  • Set user-definable alarms and receive warning via email and text message
  • Interface to website to view data online
  • An impressive typical outdoor range of 1km and 450m indoors, further expanded with the use of repeaters
  • System will run off one set of AA batteries for up to 5 months consecutively
  • Ability to recall measured data values at any point in time


Eye on the Ice systems were used at all 5 venues (Canada Hockey Place, Vancouver Olympic Centre, Pacific Coliseum, Richmond Olympic Oval and UBC Thunderbird Arena) during the Olympic Games 2010.

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