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ICE RESURFACER for the maintenance of medium to large ice rinks

Get an overview of the various ice resurfacing machines for medium to large rinks and seek qualified advise from us afterwards. We will surely find out which product will meet your needs best!

SPORT ICE USA electric ice resurfacer

Sport Ice USA machines
As an official dealer and distributor of ice resurfacing machines from SPORT ICE USA, we are able to use these solely battery-powered products to fill the gap to our larger self-propelled ice resurfacers. Who ever “could” maintain smaller or winding rinks (shopping mall, mobile rental ice rinks, etc.) once knows the difficulties with large ice resurfacers that were designed for the turning radius of hockey rinks. If then even organic shapes or fun tracks have to be handled, one quickly learns to appreciate the benefits of this handy machine!
Sport Ice Electric